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March 29, 2012

Stable weather and water levels at Lake Amistad has brought us stable fishing over the last couple weeks. The spawn is in full force and many bass are locked on nests and many others have finished the process over last week’s new moon phase.  I would guess about 75% of the spawn will be complete by the time the full moon phase passes though the first week of Apr.  The water levels have remained steady at 1096ft above sea level the last 2 weeks which has allowed a large majority of the bass to spawn fairly unaffected by the drop in water level since Jan.  Water temps are now in the mid-high 60’s with some backs of creeks showing 70 degree water temps.

Current Patterns -

Shallow: Texas rigs and spinnerbaits have been very effective much of the last 2 weeks.  Squarebills and jerkbaits continue to produce as well.  The swimbait bite also produces but you must be committed to have success with this technique.  Fishing main lake flats and the back 1/3 of creeks has been very successful as the bass continue to spawn in those areas.    As far as cover, a mix of grass and trees in 1-8 feet of water almost instantly provides results.

Mid-Depth: The Carolina rig has become a go to technique this week as some fish are in the post spawn phase and react much better to this slow natural presentation.  I have been using smaller plastic baits on the Carolina rig for best results.  I have caught a few good fish on football jigs fished close to quick drop offs around flats and this bite has been especially subtle.

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