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June 23, 2011

Here we are entering the summer fishing season and in true form the fish are beginning to get a little sluggish.  Is this the windiest June ever? It has really been blowing hard every day and this has made off-shore fishing very difficult and almost impossible.  The mornings are the most productive time on the water as the bass are active and feeding heavily.  As the day progresses I have to slow my presentations way down to continue having some success.  Some schooling activity continues to be seen in the mornings around deep channel bends in the creeks.  Lake Amistad current water temps are 80-84 degrees. The lakeís water level continues to drop fairly fast is now approx. 1112 ft above sea level.


Current Patterns -


Shallow:  Topwaters continue to be a very good choice to get your mornings off to the right start.  I have been concentrating fishing walking and popping baits over deeper water (15-30 feet) but keeping the presentation on the surface and shallow.  I have seen some mornings when the bass will not commit to a topwater but rattle traps and spinnerbaits become effective when worked just below the surface in these same types of locations.  The buzz frog bite over top of the pond weed is still good with some very large fish taken this week using this method.  I have had great success with the El Grande Lures Sapo in yellow/black color.  Work the thickest pond week you can find and hold on!


Mid-Depth:  The mid-depth grass fishing for me has continued to be good, but I am finding fish in very small particular areas.  There is lots of hydrilla growing all over the lake and using your electronics is the key to finding the thickest grass available.  The thick grass is where the better concentrations of fish are holding.  Drop offs around the grass continue to be productive areas as well.


Deep:  The deep bite is hard to judge because there has been so much wind that itís hard to really get out there off-shore and dissect some areas.  I have been catching some decent fish in this depth zone but size and consistency is lacking.  A drop-shot has been my most reliable presentation when fishing 30-50 feet deep.


See you on the Lake,


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