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 Fishing Report Archive

February 25, 2011

I am writing an additional report on the lake this week because the conditions are changing fast.  Lake Amistad water temps are steady on the rise and many fish are on the move and quick.  I am seeing some males up in the shallows and preparing beds in pockets all over the lake.  Some females are close behind cruising the shallows and it wont be long until we get into our first major spawn.  Yesterday (Feb. 24) I saw my first pair of spawners in the back of a protected creek with 64 degree water temps.  Huge limits continue to hit the scales in tournaments this past weekend.  I have been catching 20+ fish on full day trips and some days the totals exceed 30 fish.  Generally we see 20+ lbs for the best 5 while concentrating on the south side of the Rio Grande from marker 2-22.   Lake water temps are rising and are in the mid to high 50s on the main lake and high 50s to low 60s in many pockets and in the backs of major creeks.

Current Patterns -       

Shallow: I am targeting cruising males and females in this depth zone with El Grande Lures Hatch-Match sticks in the NEW Triple Laminate Tilapia color. I am rigging the Hatch-Match sticks on 1/8oz shaky head and 8-10 lb Toray fluorocarbon. I have also been working the mouth of small creeks with the Ima Flit 120 with excellent results. As the water continues to warm over the next week the spawning activity should kick into full gear as I am already seeing some fish get on beds now. The swimbait bite hasn't kicked in yet but I have a 5' Optimum BLT tied on and ready on the deck, it won't be long!

      Mid-Depth: The bigger females are still best targeted in the depth zone of 10-25ft. I am using texas rigged Gila Monsters and Zoom Trick worms with 3/16 or 1/4oz weights on 16lb Toray fluorocarbon. These fish are located on drops near flats with trees and grass cover producing the best results. Fishing Watermelon/Red Omega football jigs in or oz sizes (depending on wind) is also taking some very nice fish up to 7 lbs around rocky points with tress. For me the crank bait bite has been very inconsistent in this depth zone, but I keep trying because they will be on it somewhere in the lake.

      Deep: Same as last week; fishing vertically around main lake and creek channel ledges in 30-50 feet continues to be productive. I am using a dropshot rig with a 4 inch Robo Worm or Optimum Wacky Shad to fish vertically over the ledges or dragging a Carolina rig with a 10 inch worm when the lake gets windy.

See you on the Lake,

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